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Dixit World

Dixit World is an adaptation of the popular board game Dixit. Keeping in mind the original of the game, we crafted an unique game taking advantage of the video game meduim. Enjoy the classic Dixit gameplay or create and share your worlds with your friends.

The game is free to play on iOS and Android.

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Companion Apps

One Key

One Key is a board game by Libellud. Cooperation and talking are the keys to find the correct card! Funny and colorful, One Key is a quick game an easy game to learn to play.

Our team proudly made the companion app for the game.

Companion Apps

Shadows: Amsterdam

Shadows – Amsterdam is a board game by Libellud. In Shadows – Amsterdam, each detective team drives round the city to find three clues then bring them back to its client, before the other team.

Our team proudly made the companion app for the game.

Meet the team

Régis Bonnessée

Designer | Founder

Régis founded Libellud in 2008 and Tempete Studio in 2016. When he's not roaming imaginary worlds on his trusty steed, Régis spends his time on his number one passion: creating board games such as Seasons and Dice Forge.

Vincent Baumann

Coder | Designer | Manager

Despite rumors, Vincent doesn't actually like unicorns, he prefers dragons. At lunch, he tries to become MVP on Heroes of the Storm or the savior of Baldur's Gate. He also tortures his friends as Game Master of Tabletop RPGs.

Julie Mizreh


Julie is an expat from the Paris region who ended up in Poitiers one day. She spends all her time drawing and telling anyone who is willing to listen that “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is actually a really good franchise”.

Raphaël Robert-Bouchard

Game Designer | Producer

When he is not smashing with friends (and not smashing friends) or daydreaming about crucial questions such as ‘Can ghosts have ghosts of themselves?’, Raphaël practices its dream-forging skills whether in video games, tabletop ones or even in comic books.

Aurélie Battiston


When she isn't coding, Aurélie is probably playing any MMORPG or Tycoon Game under a warm blanket. She also likes red pandas, cats and plush toys.

Rachael Newton

Designer | Writer

Rachael is a ghost who visits the studio from time to time… (Paper! Snow! A GHOST!) As demonstrated here, she impresses no one with her notable 'Friends' trivia. After hearing "ok, boomer" once too often, she adopted a Baby Yoda and learnt how to dab.

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Where are we?

Tempete Studio is based in France, not in Paris but Poitiers (named second best city to live in France). If you want to join the team, you have to be willing to relocate.

  • 28 rue Sadi Carnot, 86000 Poitiers
  • contact@tempete.studio
  • +33 5 49 46 10 87